Moving elements when repeater inside dynamic panel is filtered and resized


I have a repeater that starts off by showing 8 items, but then, with the use of checkbox filters, it can show fewer items, or with the click of a button, it can show all 20 elements. The repeater, filter and button are all inside a dynamic panel. The filters are on a progressive display.

When I first expand the filters widget and/or click the button to view all 20 items, the elements below the dynamic panel all go to the right location. However, when I then filter results, instead of the space reverting back to being shorter, it seems to add more space between the dynamic panel and the elements below it.

I’ve been playing around with move, resize, bottom, etc. but nothing seems to work.

Any thoughts?



Are you animating the move command(s)? If so, take the animation out and see if it fixes things. This is most likely the problem, as Axure 9 has a number of bugs with animation where the things that you move go to completely nonsensical locations. (If that’s the case, you should report the issue to

Otherwise it might be due to having Move code in multiple places. Ideally, you just have it on Resized and possibly Shown/Hidden of the panel.

You can always do a console trace to see what code gets executed when you use the filters. If there is a lot of code to sort through (and there will be: you’ll see every Item Loaded event of the repeater), you can use the browser’s page search to look for the Move command within the trace area.

Hi Joseph,

Thank you very much for your help. I’m not using animations, so that’s not the problem.

It seems like the repeater Resized is never reached (looking on the console trace), but if I remove it from the dynamic panel which contains the repeater, it won’t push objects below it.

I’m using, on both the dynamic panel and repeater on Resized:
Element to (0, [[This.bottom]])

It works perfectly on expand. just not on collapse (by using the filter).



Make sure the dynamic panel has Fit to Content on, which you can set on right-click.

Note that the repeater does not have a Resized event. It just has an Item Resized event. You should not be using that event, so I’d definitely remove that code.

Hi Joseph,

Thank you, I figured out what the problem was! I gave my DP a background colour and realised it wasn’t resizing when it was showing fewer results, so now I’m resizing it and then everything moves correctly.

If you hadn’t pointed me in the right direction, I’d probably be here all week. :slight_smile:


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