Moving Flow Items Bug - Objects Jump Off the Page

I keep getting this seemingly random bug, that is only fixed after restarting Axure RP9.
Don’t know how to reproduce it, but it’s happened on 5-6 separate occasions, and yes Axure RP9 is up to date.

Caught a video of the issue the last time it occurred.
Axure RP9 - user flow objects jump off screen (video)

I recently upgraded to 9.0.03681 in which this issue still occurs.

The error did coincide after I had updated Axure to this version, but it’s unclear as to if updating the application causes this error. From what I’ve observed, it seems to occur after the application has been running for at least 30min but possibly longer.

Of course a restart of the application temporarily fixes the issue, as if the applications on drag cursor value is reset. I’m not really sure why the cursor’s on drag value would even need to change, if that is the problem.