Moving selected list box options between two list boxes


Hi all,

I’m trying to create a very common list box multi-section control in axure. See picture below:

Desired interactions when selecting elements from the right hand side list box

  • Second button to become active
  • Count updates to reflect numbers of elements selected
  • When the button is clicked (to move items from right-to-left), have all selections removed from right and added to the left list box

Additional (but not necessary for the prototype)

  • A way to revert or move them back to the right (basically revert the process, or create a “move all” action)

Is this possible in axure? I’ve been at it for a couple of days and I can’t figure it out! Any pointers will be highly appreciated.



I can help you with this but not until next week -please pm me for a reminder. the solution is based on repeaters


Hi Ritch,

I totally appreciate your help with this.

Quick question: can you repeat the multiselection with repeaters? a) selecting a range using the shift key ?AND b) selecting multiple while holding the command (mac) key?



Hi, your are welcome

Yes, the pattern is:
build the option as a repeater…
put the repeater in a master then add two instances of the master to the page to make the ‘to’ and ‘from’.
The functionality then relies in simultaneously filtering both instances with a mutually exclusive directive ie, the selected item is filtered out of the source instance and filtered into the destination instance.

If that makes seen great other wise I will send one soon.