Moving two widgets Xs and Ys, coordinates after each widget has been selected

I am trying to move two widgets N’SYNC (:roll_eyes:) from their current position to a new position. I would ideally like to not have a cta for preform this action.

Events and Actions
if- one widget in group 1 must be selected true
then- when a second widget is selected true both widgets move to new coordinates together

  1. Select one widget from list A, B, C
  2. Widget A is selected
  3. Select one widget from list 1, 2, 3
  4. Widget 1 is selected
  5. Both widget A 8x, 5y & widget 1 8x, 10y move in sync to new coordinates widget A 20x, 50y & widget 1 20x, 55y.

I am able to get the widgets value to be selected and true
I can toggle the selected widgets among other list items i.e. a, b, c
I have built out the logic for both widgets to be selected and the non-clicked selected widget to move but the clicked selected widget will not move.

I think this may be easier if you put the widgets into a repeater. That way, the move event will work whichever widget you select. Outside of a repeater, you’ll need some way to identify the correct widget to move, which is tricky.

Depending on how you’re doing the conditional logic at the moment though, you might need to work it differently in a repeater context. Can you post your file for us to have a look?

General point: when dealing with lists of anything, repeaters are generally the way to go. Not always true, but they can be a lot more powerful and easier to work with than “dumb” widget lists.