Moving widget to the right of another widget

I have a text widget that is populated OnPageLoad by a variable and I’d like a second widget to always appear to the right of the aforementioned widget. Given that the contents of the text widget will change, how can I make the second widget adjust its position accordingly?

I’ve tried using Move secondWidget to ([[LVAR1.x]],[[This]]) where LVAR1 is the text widget, but it doesn’t work.

Can you help?


you could figure out the size of your label compared to its length (number of characters) and move the widget on the right of the first one:


Move_right_widget.rp (47.7 KB)

Thanks, but your solution doesn’t seem to work for me. The second widget isn’t being moved.

Is there an alternative solution?

There isn’t an easy way to accomplish what you want.

If you’re comfortable with javascript injection you can do what you want that way. I worked up something because I needed to simulate people adding tags to things.

Real_Widget_Width.rp (112.9 KB)