Moving widgets in an Arc

Can someone explain to me how to move a widget in an arc? I have tried it with Move By and Move To actions, moving images and panels, and moving along x and xy axes. I can’t seem to get any arcing. Objects seem to move in a straight line, whether arc is on or off. Is there some depth value that I am missing? Any advice would be appreciated.

In order to get an arc, the target location must differ in x- and/or y-location along the primary axis of motion. The arc gets calculated based on the starting and ending locations. The more difference, the greater the arc.

So, if you are moving a widget horizontally only along the x-axis, say,
“Move MyWidget By (50, 0) linear 500ms Arc clockwise” (or from (50, 50) to (100, 50) )
you won’t see any arc because the calculated “arc value” would be zero.

If you want to force an arcing motion for a single-axis move, you could probably combine a few Move actions in an integral kind of way. You’d likely have to play around with timing, x- and y-values a bit.
So, to force an arc for a 100 px horizontal move, maybe something like,

Move MyWidget by (50, -25) linear 250ms Arc clockwise
Wait 250 ms
Move MyWidget by (50, 25) linear 250ms Arc clockwise

Caveat would be the smoothness of motion likely dependent on the graphics hardware of the device and the browser used.

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Thanks for the clear answer. Not as useful a feature as I had hoped when I first saw it, but I’ll see if I can get something going with your multi-move workaround. Thanks!