Multi-select checkbox repeater on Pg 1 that updates repeater on Pg 2

I have a list of 22 possible fee types that a user can select from. The first 8 fee types should be preselected on page load, but can be unselected by the user if needed. Only the fee types that have been selected on page 1 should appear on page 2.

I’ve tried to mirror the example I found here from RP 8, but it’s just not doing the trick. Possibly because of the pre-selections I have in place? Multi-select list with checkboxes - set in list1 and mirror in list2

I got it to the point where the fee types that weren’t preselected (fees 9 - 22) get filtered on pg 2. But, if one of the preselected fee types (1 - 8) gets unchecked on page 1 it will still appear on page 2…but then I broke it again and haven’t been able to recreate!

Any help would be much appreciated!
Preselected Checkboxes in Repeater.rp (754.1 KB)