Multi select tabs to show/hide another tab

Hi Friends,
i am new to axure, and am trying to use the a technique for tabs, where if any of the tab is selected it should show another tab at the bottom. There can be many tabs which can be selected or deselected, infact the bottom tab should show even if one tab is selected, and should hide if none of the tabs are selected.

Any help would be highly appreciatedtroubleshoot.rp (811.4 KB)

Hi, you should use dynamic panels for actions show/hide element on selection/deselection.
For show actual selected tab use selection group.

I am not sure that I understood complacently the expected behavior, but -

  • I don’t need the grouping on the rows.
  • in the first row, there is no need to have the buttons in a dynamic panel, and also the hot spots are redundant.
  • use “Onclick” to toggle if the tab is selected or not selected.
  • use “OnSelected” and “OnUnSelected” to create the interaction that you want.
  • I would advise you to change the style of the buttons when they are selected. Look for the “Interaction Styles” in the properties tab.

Here is a beginng:
troubleshoot2.rp (803.2 KB)

Regarding the hiding of the panels - I didn’t understand what exactly you want, but you can do something like this: If, for example, click on “diamond” is enough to open "ring’, but in order to close “ring” you need that not only “diamond” will be un-selected, but also “Metal” to be un-selected, that you need to add a condition to the action “OnUnselected” on “diamond” that asks if the status of Selected for Metal is false, and only if true, close “Ring”.

Thank you for the response, may be i did not explain myself well

will send another explanation in a while