Multi State Repeater

Hi All -
I have a multi state repeater. I would like of my 6 displayed repeater items when i click Item 1 to view state 2 of Item 1, for the additional 5 items displayed to revert to state 1. if i click Item 2, i view state 2 of item 2 and the other 5 items (1 and 3 - 6) to revert to state 1. Curious if anyone else has done this and if there is any advice on how to do this with RP9.


There’s a couple of different ways to do this. You can have a dynamic panel for each state, then use a column in your repeater to check which state the row should be in and switch the dynamic panel. You can then add a click event to a widget in state 1 that updates that column to state 2 and vice versa.

The other way to do this (which can be more flexible and useful if your states include many minor differences) is to add ‘Move’ events to widgets which change between states (i.e. the background of the row changes shape or size or colour, or text widgets change). Then you can add cases to each widget to check a column of your repeater. So you might have a column for ‘Active’. Then when you load each repeater item, you move the background row by 0,0. This causes it to check if the column is active, and if it is, change its colour to blue. This is a very useful technique for complex tables where each row might have multiple different things in it, such as icons or text of different lengths.

As for switching other rows to be inactive, you can do this by marking all rows, updating all to inactive, then updating ‘This’ row to Active.

Thanks dave for the feedback. What I wound up creating a selector group for the repeater item and then triggering if selected and if unselected actions which work well