Multiple Cases don't work?


I’m preparing an “MVP” version and a “Full” version of a screen. And I want the user by clicking on a button to decide which screen they want to see (the user is the Product Owner).
In Axure 8, there was no problem, if there were many cases to an event, I could assign each one a name and the user decided.

This seems not to be working any more. Please check a temporary file I prepared and let me know what I’m doing wrong.

ps. I can’t seem to even assign a name to a case :frowning:


Dorota(56.3 KB)

Cases work a bit differently in RP9. If you mouse over the top of the ‘Click or Tap’ interaction, you’ll see an ‘Enable Cases’ button. This allows you to add and define as many cases as you need. Cases without any logic in them are presented to the user when they trigger the interaction.

cases-amended.rp (56.7 KB)

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Thank you @davegoodman

It works!
What more, it doesn’t require any logical condition! I just need to add the case.

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