Multiple Choice questionnaire

Hi guys,

I need help with this questionnaire.

There are 3 yes/no options. If someone clicks yes on any of the options, the white panel should expand downwards. If someone clicks no the field stays the way it is. If someone clicks yes on all three all the additional options should stand next to each other and the panels shouldnt’t overlap the way are now.
If the person has made a decision for burger, fries AND drink, the circle on the top right should become green to signalize that a decision was made for burger,fries and drink.
I attached a picture how it should look like if every option is set on yes with ‘‘check’’ being green.
if you have any questions please let me know.

Forum.rp (57.6 KB)

Hi raph!

It looks like there were some push/pull styles on the radio buttons for your first question that were pushing all the other options into other places on the page. Removing the push/pull styling should allow all options to display on the page in the way you’ve shown in the screenshot. To keep the widgets from overlapping, the background widget for these options can be removed from the widget groups and placed elsewhere on the page. Placing a “Panel (all)” widget on the page, and then hiding it will make it so that as each questionnaire option is answered, a “Yes” response can show the corresponding group’s hidden content, as well as the “Panel (all)” widget:

Having each “Yes” option show this central panel will allow the background panel to be visible whenever a user answers “Yes”.

Forum-edited.rp (57.6 KB)

I hope this helps!

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Thank you so much ! this helped me a lot

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