Multiple clicks to reveal button

Im trying to create a Pin entry system for a touch screen, i’ve got the key pad working and showing * instead of the Numbers. But I want to turn a button state to an active state or show on entry of the the 4 digit pin.

I was thinking even if i could control number of clicks could show button. to allow the user to see active state and progress to next page. Any ideas of how this could be controlled. Ive tried a few ways but nothing seems to be able to control multiple clicks to reveal a button state from deactivate to active.

Any thoughts or ideas, I would be very grateful.


If you just care about the number of clicks and nothing else it’s pretty simple. Create a global variable called clicks with a default value of 0. Then on each of your keys add these same two cases to the OnClick event:

IF True
Set variable clicks to: [[clicks + 1]]

IF Variable clicks equals 4
Show button

This can be in addition to any other cases you have, such as adding * to a text field or something. Every time a button is pressed the clicks count increments by one. On the fourth click the second case will be true and your button will show.

Thank you nkrisc,

Worked a charm. For the prototype I just needed it to reconise 4 clicks to reveal an active state.

Thank you for your time and advice. Really appreciate it.