Multiple filters

i have a data table in repeater with apples, oranges, pears, plums and grapes. User needs to have 5 filters to customize view such as only display plums, or display apples and grapes, or oranges, pears and grapes etc. Is there a way to implement it without having to write 32 cases?

please disregard. solved it.

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How did you do it? I’m faced with the same issue

sure. see attached.
multiple filters.rp (69.3 KB)


Oh darn, that’s not quite what I needed - I need to filter across multiple columns. I may just have to go with multiple cases :frowning:

D’oh! I figure it out. I’m an idiot.

that ‘does not equal’ trick is great! thanks strelec

sure, anytime

What is LVAR1? Do you set it as a global variable?

LVAR1 is a local variable. That is a variable that is dynamically generated on the fly for the purposes of that formula. It cannot be passed across to another process or page without being set to a global variable.

To create a global variable, you first click the ‘FX’ button next to any value field. At the bottom of the resultant dialog box, you will see an area for local variables. If you click the ‘add local variable’ link you will see (By default - you can name it whatever the hell you like) the variable LVAR1 appear. This can then be set as:

  • Is Selected of
  • Selected option of
  • Value of variable
  • text on widget
  • text on focused widget
  • widget

Once you select one of the above options, you can then select which variable or widget you would like to interrogate and use in your calculations.

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Hello G-Sus,

I just wanted to give you a few links to learn more about Local and Global variables, if you are interested:

Set Widget Values | Axure

Variables | Axure


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Thanks a lot for this, really helped me with multiple filters