Multiple "Pin to Browser" DP's


I’m wondering how to manually stack multiple DP’s when using “Pin to browser”. I have a masthead that is pinned to top left. I have a fullscreen pop-in that is pinned center, middle. However, as you may guess, when the pop-in is triggered, the top part of the pop-in loads under the masthead.

I’m wondering how to remedy this so that the pop-in appears above the masthead (or anything else) each time.



From my one minute of testing (so maybe I missed an edge case) it appears that if you have overlapping panels that are all pinned to the browser, and they all have Keep in Front selected, then they are stacked in the order they are found in Axure. That’s to say, make sure the one you want on top is on top of the other panels in Axure. See if that works.