Multiple screen prototype... or linked prototypes across screens?


Hi there
Has anyone either linked one Axure prototype to another one across displays? ie, I trigger a panel state change on one and it updates content on another 2 or 3 displays.

Is there a way to do this within one prototype?
Thanks in advance


In Actions, there’s an Open Link option. This allows you to link to a page within your current project, link out to an external page, or if you’re feelin’ crafty, it allows you to inject javascript into your page.

You an also you an inline frame to that points to an internal/external page. I’m currently doing that with one beast of a component that is shared across half a dozen screens


Thanks jlhelmers. We came to a similar conclusion using javascript to call up the target. I appreciate the quick response.



Hi there - I found this thread from last year and I am having a similar problem.

Could you please elaborate on how I can get pages to update other pages across 2 displays?

I’m fairly proficient in Axure but have never really used inline frames nor javascript.



Hey Joe! I abandoned design and moved into the dev space awhile ago so I don’t have anything specific for you. But at one point I managed to use URL params to trigger stuff on a loading page.

You might actually be able to JSON.stringify(data) your data, drop that in the url as a parameter leading to the new page, JSON.parse(data) onLoad, then consume it where/when you need. If this is the first thing your page does onLoad you could set a bunch of variables your new page needs.

So the main problem is that memory clears when a browser page loads/reloads. So now that I’m thinking about it, you might be able to dump your data into localStorage then grab it onLoad. Hmmmm… I wish I still had a license to test that out. And why didn’t I have that idea when I was still designing!!!


haha all good.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’m not familiar with using JSON files so I think I’m gonna fake it for now using some browser plugins to stretch my browser across the two screens and use inline frames instead.

Thanks again