Multiple validations in forms

When pressing a submit button I need to show the correct validations in a form. On top of that, there are other conditions on the button “on click”
(if - Else)

I found this widget [] which allows different validations according to this tutorial [] but -
A. Nothing happens when trying to add an “On click” interaction.
B. It doesn’t work if it is applied in a dynamic panel’s state, I guess since the script is linked to “On load” State.

Can I fix this?
Why is the “On click”! interaction not working?
Is there a way that I can place it in a state and not on the front of the page?

IF NOT - Is there any other way to validate different fields with different alerts if the submit button if it is filled with other interactions?


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Can you share your RP file? Hard to help you find what’s wrong if we can’t see what you did :slight_smile: