My client's view doesn't have the comment icon

Even though I have enabled the ability to comment for my prototype, my clients don’t see the icon on their end. What may be the reasons for this? Please advise. Thanks!

Hi fsun! Do you know which browser(s) your clients have tried using? Axure RP 9’s supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. If your clients are using an unsupported browser (such as Internet Explorer) to view your Axure RP 9 prototypes, then that could explain why they’re having trouble accessing certain features, such as prototype comments.

If they are using a supported browser, then can you have them check that they’re running the most up to date version of their browser? You can also have them check to see if they have any browser extensions installed that may be interfering with the comments functionality. A good way to do that would be to have them either temporarily disable their browser extensions, or test out previewing your prototype in an incognito window.

Hopefully that helps! If your clients are still having issues accessing the comments icon though, please feel free to reach out to so that we can continue troubleshooting.