My Learning Management System won't close my project


I have uploaded my project to my learning management system and it works fine. Except for where I have buttons to close the project. I have added a case with ‘Close Current Window’ but nothing happens when it is selected.

Is there some script I need to add to close the project?


Does the case with the Close Current Window action have a condition? Is that condition true? Is it set to ELSE IF and there’s a true conditional case that comes before it?

You’re probably going to need to provide more information if you want specific answers.

There aren’t any conditions. Just straight forward, if you hit this button you close the project.

But are there any other conditional cases that come before it?

For example:

IF 100 equals 100
Do something
ELSE IF true
Close window

The window will never close because that case is never executed.

100% guessing here as you haven’t shared much information.

There are other conditions on the page but not linked.

I have a ‘cancel button’ which I want to use as a ‘if you don’t want to continue’ click cancel and the learning shuts down completely.

Does that make more sense? Do I need to add a condition to make it work?

Close Current Window

If that doesn’t work then I can’t help you any more until you share a file or something.

hi, any update for this issue? My “close current window” not work in firefox but work fine in internet explorer.

Hi karpooi,

After some testing, I’m also seeing that the “Close Current Window” action isn’t working as expected for prototypes being viewed in Firefox. I’ll go ahead and submit a bug report of this issue to our QA team for further investigation. It does look like this action is working in other browsers though, so using a browser other than Firefox (e.g. IE, Google Chrome) may be the best workaround for this in the meantime.

Thank you for reporting this, and please let us know if there’s anything else we can assist you with!

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Hi Simon, hope to hear you soon.