My repeater stopped working :(

Hey, I started using axure, learned a lot from the forums. I encounter today a pretty weird problem. I have in my prototype a repeater for adding payment methods. You press Add New Method, You get popups, and when u finish the repeater should add a row with all the details. The problem is it worked yesterday, and somehow it doesn’t today. I didn’t change anything.
Thank You, For having those forums I learned a lot!
If anyone could help me it would be amazing!
(Couldn’t add the whole file it was too big so I added a file with the problematic page only)
Problem.rp (718.5 KB)

Fixed It! That Was a tough one!


I am working on something similar where I need to add a row of order details to the repeater when clicked on a button.

Can you please provide an insight as to how this could be achieved ?

Many Thanks,

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