Name of the state for "This" target of dynamic Panel

The name of the state doesn’t appear in the Interaction panel if you use “Set Panel State” interaction with target “This”

Hi Philippe!

I see this working on my end. Could you share the .rp file where you are seeing the issue occurring? Please also let me know the build of the 9 beta you are running (e.g. 3621), as well as the version of Windows or Mac. Thanks!

Hello Jane,
I put a .rp file as example. I use last version 3621. I’m working on Windows 10.
For information, if you don’t use “this” but the name of the DP, it works well.
DP_bug.rp (65.3 KB)

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Hi Phillippe,

Ah! Got it. Thanks for the screenshots - I see the issue now. This looks like a bug, and I’ll get this filed with our QA team. :slight_smile: