Native Video Support

I’m a product designer and I love Axure, but it really needs native video support. As a designer, one of my biggest jobs is building consensus. Tools like Framer, Principle, and Origami allow for integrated video with autoplay, which makes prototypes look, feel and function like the product I want to build–which in turn helps me build consensus.

I understand Axure supports video embeds through iframes, but quite frankly that’s just not enough. I’d like Axure to allow me to drag-and-drop my videos into my RP prototypes and choose to have them autoplay or play on control, without needed to host them elsewhere or bother with iframes. Doing this creates a ton of overhead and clunky workarounds that just don’t work all that well. If it’s a matter of hosting/space, I’d happily pay more to have my video files hosted, and would even be happy with a file-size limit.

I’ve used Axure for the better part of my career and I love it, but as I build more complex and media rich prototypes, lack of native video support is a huge blocker for me. It makes building prototypes challenging, it makes them feel less true to form, and overall makes it just that much harder for me to set the necessary vision to build consensus.

Please, Axure, consider native video support.


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The way that Axure support wants users to submit feature requests is through emails to or via the editor’s Help > Contact Support menu rather than this forum.

You won’t be the first to ask for native video and audio support, but maybe if enough people ask they will add it. I’ve been waiting since Axure 5.5 I think :slight_smile: …had high hopes for RP9, but alas…

For me, using inline frames or javascript injection works well enough, but I don’t work that often with video and audio. For some things, like dynamic 3D animation, I’ve used multiple prototyping tools, for instance creating something directly in HTML+CSS+Javascript, posting it and then including that HTML as a “module” via inline frame. Yes, more work than it should be but that’s what you have to work with as far as Axure goes, and I wouldn’t hold my breath for video support.