Nav bar help resizing

Hello. I’m still pretty new to Axure and what I’m trying to do seems easy but I’m struggling. I’m looking to create a horizontal nav bar containing 4 buttons. I’ve got a master button that contains the text of the button and an icon as well as rollover, selected behavior. What I’m struggling with is I need to change the text and resize the nav bar so the spacing between buttons stays the same. The text on the button will get longer or shorter (for each button) and I’d like to resize so the buttons all stay 10px apart from each other rather then staying in the exact same spot.
I’m thinking of using a repeater to change out the text when I load different pages (or should I not do that?). I’m wondering how I set things up so the buttons will move keeping the gap between the same.
Ideally, this would happen in the editor and not only when I preview the page. Not sure if that’s possible or not.

Thanks for the help.

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Full disclosure is that I know nothing about repeaters. But If it was me I would use dynamic panels for your nav bar and create as many states as you need. Each state will have the exact dimensions you require for each of your buttons.
I hope this helps.