Need help debugging repeater filter

I’m hoping someone can help me debug this issue I have with repeater filters.

I have designed a custom dropdown that shows a list of items that can be filtered by typing in the input field of the dropdown. It works first but when you then clear the text the filter is removed but the items text get’s reset to default text.

I have a simple test file to illustrate the issue:
DebugRepeaterFilter.rp (51.7 KB)

And here’s a link to the test on Axshare:

I’m running Axure RP9 version: at the time of posting this.

Any help appreciated.

This looks like it could be an Axure bug… Appears the repeater dataset is being cleared which should never happen. Not quite sure what’s going on, but looks like your Text Changed event is possibly applying a filter and removing all filters before that filter is fully applied.

When you are trying to evaluate text input as it is being entered it is better to use the Key Up event, particularly if your code can clear the text contents. I tried this in your file by cutting your Click or Tap event and pasting it into Key Up event, and it fixed this issue.

I don’t know why you have a “Focused, select text” in the Click event, but for me (Win10, Chrome) it causes the text to get selected when I enter a space in the text field. So, I can’t ever type “Text item 1” which is no good. Also, I tried your axshare link on my phone and nothing worked. When I touch the text field it shows the repeater but then the text field loses focus. If I then touch the text field again, it hides the repeater and again loses focus, so I can never actually type in the text field.

You might want to search the forum here for better examples of creating list filters from text input.

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Thanks for your reply mbc66, I appreciate the help.

I tried changing the Text Changed event to Key Up and that seems to do the trick. As you said, this feels like a bug in Axure. Do you know where I should report it?

But changing the Click or Tap event to Key Up feels strange. The Click and Tap event is used to show the list, not applying filters. The text evaluation and applying filter is done on the Text Changed event.

The set focus is meant to be used so that the text in the input field should be selected when you click the dropdown, making it easier to change or clear the text.

Thanks again!

Bug reports should go to They’re usually very fast to investigate and respond.

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