Need help in displaying records in grid dynamically based on icon


So I have basically a folder structure and an icon in my wireframe. I need to basically have a pop-up which should open with a certain data set based on click of any particular folder. So on selecting a folder icon appears and then on click of icon the pop-up opens and shows the static data based on the folder i.e. different data for different folders.

Will creating a table grid in the pop-up work for this or is there any other component that I should use and how will that work out


Yes, you can use a grid for this assuming you don’t need images. The easiest way would be to create a dynamic panel with multiple states (one for each folder), and in state have a different table grid. Then upon clicking the folder, you would simply set the panel to the appropriate state before showing it.

Another way would be to use a single repeater, which you can set to a grid pattern by setting the repeater to wrap (in the Style tab when a repeater is selected) and works with images. This would contain all of your data regardless of folder, but you’d have one column in the dataset for the folder name. You would then filter on folder name before showing the repeater.

Here is an example of the latter. folder_repeater.rp (67.7 KB)