Need help to find the solution for showing custom library widget style after opening a new file in Axure, Right now it's not showing my all custom widget style in widget style Manager option

I need your help in finding the solution of custom “widget style manager” which I have created in the custom library.

Below are the details:

  1. I have created a library with the custom widget style manager option and placed the library in the default folder.
  2. When I open a new file, I can see the library details and when I click the “widget style manager” option, I can not see the all widget style which I have created in Library.
  3. But when I click on Edit library, I can see those all widget style which I have created.

Can You please help me to find this solution, I need my custom widget style on opening any new file so that I can use them easily on element behavior. Like Mouse over, Select etc.

Make sure that you have load your Library after you start Axure RP

Hi! It sounds like you created some custom widget styles in your widget library and want to see those available when you’re working on .rp files. Custom widget styles that you’ve created in your library will be automatically added to your .rp file when you drag and drop widgets from the library onto the canvas. Alternatively, you can import them all at once by going to “File > Import from RP File” and using the import wizard to bring in your widget styles from your library. Hopefully that helps!

Thanks!! @jamesorior , That Issue has been solved :slight_smile:

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Thanks!! @Alyssa_Axure, That Issue has been solved :slight_smile: and sorry for late reply…