Need help with counter; counting only when clicks matches the value of exponent of 2

Hi guys!

I am new to Axure and I am using this platform to create a project for a study. Here, I have two circles( 1 black and the other white) that each time that you click will count 1 on each square. However, in the middle I have a box that counts the total points earned.

The fun part is that I want to create a function that says that after 2 times click on the white circle then add 1 to totalpoints and if after 6 clicks on the white circle it will count another point that will go to total points.

I want to be able to say if bResponses == 2 then do totalPoints + 1 and if bResponses == 6 then do totalPoints + 1.

the black circle (aResponses) its only adding points to the totalpoints for every click.

I hope I am making myself clear.

Thanks for your help!

Project.rp (48.8 KB)

here you go (assuming I got the task right)
Project_fixed.rp (48.5 KB)

update: and just in case you wanted to count only every other click for the while circle here is that version too
Project_fixed1.rp (48.5 KB)

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Thanks so much!!

That works perfectly!

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