Need special a character on a numbers input (MM/JJ) - How to?

Hi I have a textfield for a date validation form and it adds a Slash “/” after the second number. My problem is that it’s an input set to “text” and I need it on a field with the type “numbers”, because I want to trigger the numeric keyboard on a mobile phone, but there are no special characters allowed on it. Is there a way to do it or do I have to fake it with an additional text label/field ?

problem.rp (53.8 KB)

Hi there! Hmm, if you specifically need to use a text field with the “Number” type, then only numbers can be typed into that text field. If you want to use the “Number” type text field but also want to display slashes in the formatting, then your suggestion of faking it with an additional text widget should do the trick. In the attached file, there is a “Number” type text field and a text widget under it, and OnFocus of the text field it brings the text widget to the front and sets text on the text field as you type. Depending on the number of characters typed into the text field, it will either type plain numbers or format the text on the text widget to include a slash after the second number. Hopefully that helps! problem Edit.rp (49.2 KB)

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