New to Axure 9 (Coming from 8) - Need Some Clarification


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I’m very experienced with Axure 8. So far, I’m really disliking Axure 9. I understand the attempt at getting out of the box-in-a-box-in-a-box navigation withe DP’s by allowing you to drill down into the DP with Axure 9. But I’m finding that very frustrating because clicking in the wrong place sends me back to the top of the DP (and I use lots of nested DP’s in my current project).

Am I missing something? Is there a video resource I can look at?

Thank you

It’s generally easier to use the state navigator at the top - it’s a dropdown with all of your states listed. You can also switch between states easily using the Outline view in the left navigation pane.

Could you elaborate? I don’t see that menu, nor how to make it show up. Perhaps its because I use Axure much like Photoshop, as I have all the panels popped out so I can move them around as needed.

Thanks for your help.

Sure. If you double click a Dynamic Panel, it should go into this mode. The dropdown in the centre lets you see the different states. The left and right arrows on the right move you up and down the stack of states. The ‘Isolate’ button will show you just that state and hide everything else. Close (or the Esc key) takes you out of this mode.

You can also use the lefthand sidebar (click the ‘Outline’ tab) to move through states. If you have nested dynamic panels, you can use the arrows on each state to expand it and see them. This is very useful when you have lots of nested panels.


Obviously both features are a lot easier to use if you name your widgets and give the states descriptive names.

Thank you, and yes, I’m actually OCD about naming stuff :-). However, I am not seeing what you are seeing. Can you tell me where to check to get it working? Thanks.

Oh wait, I see it now. Ok, thank you.

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