Newbie Question - Repeated add form - no clue where to start

Hi all,

I want to know how to display the same form over and over again after you click on an add button. So it would be something as follows:

Default state of the form.

Checkbox is checked

So what I want to achieve is to display the same textfield and label as in the default state after clicking on ‘Add new product’. It also has to behave te same, so when the checkbox is checked, the textfield should appear. Is there a way to do this efficiently? The goal is to let the user add infinite amounts of products without a set limit.

I hope someone can point me to the right direction. I don’t need a detailed answer, you can if you want, but it would help if you can say if this is a possibility in axure and what widgets to use to make this happen.

Hey @Tbouni, you might be looking for something like that Repeated_Add_Form.rp (53.8 KB)
. If it is not something that you are looking for, please give us more details so we can help!

Hi @Tanya_Axure ,

Thank you for your reply. It is not exactly what I wanted. I created something which comes near the idea I have. So after you click on the ‘add product’-button, the button should move beneath the new form.

But the thing I really want is, is there a way to add en remove those forms without a set limit? I just prototyped something where you can just add one form.

New_Repeated_Add_Form.rp (51.0 KB)

Howdy @Tbouni, you can do this with repeaters. Here’s an example; let me know if this is what you’re looking for: repeated-add-form.rp (55.2 KB)

This can get pretty complicated, particularly if you want to allow your user to go back and edit stuff they’ve already entered, but hopefully this is enough to get you started.

Thank you!!! This is exactly what I wanted! I was not sure whether this was possible in Axure or not. I think this will work and I will tweak it bit by bit so it doesn’t become too complicated.

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