No prototype player accessible on smartphone

Hi forum,
when i open my team project prototype on my smartphone ( samsung j5 (2016)) via share link i don´t see the prototype player bar and there is nowhere a button or anything else to open it.
i remember there was a possibility in axure 8 to hide this via the publish function and then there was a light grey button in the left bottom corner, but i can´t find that in the 9 version.
without this bar i don´t have access to my pages, thats very impractical as the pages show different possible states.
is it a bug with my phone? because i couldn´t find anything anywhere about this.

also i read in a blog article, that it is possible to view the prototype in my browser as on a smartphone, like no mouse cursor and the right height etc. i couldn´t find that too.

thanks for your help!


Hi niinaa!

If you would like to see the sitemap for an Axure RP 9 prototype on your mobile device, you can triple-tap on your screen to open the project sitemap. More information on the mobile sitemap can be found in our documentation here.

I hope this helps!

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Hi Chelsea_Axure,

this helped!
It looks a bit different on my smartphone as on the screenshot in the documentation, but i have access to the sitemap.

Thank you so much for your reply!

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