No trigger checks on other pages

Hi there, I’m a student in Graphic Design and Communication, and I’m currently doing a website prototype in axure.

One of the features of this page, is a static inline frame to the left, and a dynamic panel to the right for the main screen on Page 1. The static inline frame links to Page 2, where I have custom icons in a row, and the icons are clickable.
Once an icon is clicked, a global variable is changed, and the dynamic panel is supposed to adapt accordingly on the main screen in Page 1.
But there’s no way I can make this auto-trigger, as the icons are on another page, and the dynamic panel on another.

My current solution is to have a “OnMouseMove” trigger on Page 1, so the dynamic panel will change accordingly to the global variable set in Page 2. Can you help me find a solution for this?

Thanks, Jonathan “exawolt”.

I think that you could add some logic to Page Load on page 1, so that it checks the variable, and sets the state of the panel properly. This should trigger when you go back to page 1.

good luck in your studies!

Hi Emgee.
The problem is of such, that Page 1 is the current loaded page, and the clicks are done on Page 2 through an inline frame. OnPageLoad only work as Page 1 is loading, which it already have in this state.

Do you know another way to trigger events between pages?

Do you have time to help me find a solution?

Very appreciated
Mvh Jon

If you can send me (or post) an example, would be happy to take a look.

Hmm, if you want to use Emgee’s suggestion of using the OnPageLoad event to trigger the panel state change, then you can reload your main page (Page 1) via the icons in the inline frame (Page 2) by having the OnClick of the icons set the global variable, and then use the “Open Link in Parent Frame” action to reload Page 1. Here’s an example:

Hopefully that does the trick!

well, it barely works, but the page completely reloads, which makes it look pretty bad, and it resets some functions activated on the page already. Since it’s the user experience and website fidelity I’m out to test.
If there’s no other way to trigger events on other pages, I’d ask for that feature to be implemented in next version of Axure.


Liu_Collection.rp (4.9 MB)

Here are the files.
Start on Home, login with any text, then see the scrollbar with icons through inline frame to “scroll” page, on page 1.

I modified your file… I removed the Inline Frame, made the contents of the Scroll page a dynamic panel. pasted it into Page 1 and adjusted it’s size and turned vertical scrolling on… this worked as I can click either button 2 or 3 in the dp and it changes the page.

Is this what you are looking for? Dynamic Panels rock. :slight_smile:
Liu_Collection_DP.rp (5.0 MB)

Thank you for that share!

I hadn’t figured out that you could create a scrollbar out of the dynamic panel.
I made it even more simple from your version, which were to set the panel state of “substitutes” instantly, instead of changing a variable.

Many thanx!

Glad I could Help!


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