Not able to open Team project files (SVN)

Hi all

I´m not able to open Team projects located on SVN repository.
This only is happening with *.rpprj files not with *.rp files.

for the *rpprj files I get the message:

“The team directory could not be found”
“Can not connect to the team project location”

It gives me these messages whether I use the local path or the svn server path SV.

My axure is Team edition on windows.

we need help to find way out. Thank you in advance!

Hi! To clarify, are you unable to open the .rpprj files for your local copy of your team project, or are you unable to check in/check out/send changes to the team directory? From the sound of it, you have successfully created a team project and retrieved local copies, and you have your team project local copies saved on an SVN location–is that correct? If you’re unable to open files that you have saved to that SVN location, then you’ll want to ensure that your connection to that SVN repository is working, and that your machine has the necessary permissions to read, write, and modify files in that location.

If the local copy is still completely failing to open, then please try getting a new local copy per the steps below and saving it in a new location:

Hopefully that helps!

Hi Alyssa, thanks for your answer

I´m unable to open *.rpprj files from my local copy or get using the svn path but I can open *rp files
Connection to SVN repository is working because I can open *rp files

I try to follow the recommendations on “” but I can´t Recover File from Backup" feature.

SVN repository

Local repository

Hi vfaulkner,

You can recover files from backup by opening a new .rp file and navigating to “File > Recover File from Backup” from the main menu of Axure RP. Axure RP automatically saves a copy of your working file every 15 minutes, dating back to 30 days, so if you’re unable to find any backups, your backup settings may have been turned off. If so, you can enable them again by navigating to “File > Backup Settings” and selecting the “Enable Backups” checkbox.

Regardless, if you’re unable to open .rpprj files, backups may not be of use. From the error message in your original post, the most likely issue is that Axure RP is unable to connect to the SVN team repository. If your other team members are able to get or check in/out of the team repository, please have them send you the SVN team repository address. They can grab it by opening up their own local .rpprj file and navigating to “Team > Browse Team Project History”. Please have them copy & paste this address over to you, and then try grabbing a new, local copy of the TP by going to “Team > Get and Open Team Project” and pasting the team repository address in the Team Directory field under the SVN tab.

If you’re still having trouble after the above, please write into, and wen can continue troubleshooting through there. Thanks!