Not allowing deselection in selection group

Hello everyone,
probalby it’s quite easy but I have not found out yet. I have a selection group containing four elements. In general it works fine. But when clicking the already selected item it deselcts it and in consequence all items of my selection group are deselected. Is there a simple way to avoid the complete deselection of all items?
Thanks to the community!

Not following the problem. Selection groups can only have a single item selected at a time.

If you want something to happen when you deselect a selected item, add actions to the OnSelectionChange event with whatever conditions you need.


If you want only one selection at all times, and you don’t want the current element to deselect when you click it, the interaction for each element should simply be:

  select This

(Perhaps you are toggling selection instead?) The selection group handles the deselection of the other items for you, and if you click on the only selected item, nothing will happen.

thank you very much guys!
@josephxbrick: this was the Problem. Now it works fine. Thanks!