Not possible to fire an OnClick on a text link?

I believe Text Links were introduced with RP9.

Is it really not possible to fire an OnClick on a text link? It seems like Axure can’t find to identify any Text Links to place actions on.

That’s a hell of a limitation if true?

If you create a text link (highlight text, right click, insert text link), then click on the highlighted link overlay, you should have an OnClick/Tap action already there. The default action is to link to another page, but you can add any other actions you want using the plus button on the OnClick/Tap block.

I think you’ve misunderstood. If you create a link in a text block, you can’t target that link from other actions. So if you have an OnClick event on that link, you can’t use Fire Event from another widget to trigger it.

I just checked and that seems to be the case where you name it or not. So it appears that these links are not “addressable” like most widgets are. So I don’t think it will work.

Also I think text links go as far back as at least Axure 6 or 7, if I’m remembering correctly.

Ah yes, you’re right. Oddly you can name a text link, but it doesn’t make it appear in the widget list. It really should, I think - might be worth reporting as a bug or feature request to

@tomjonesrocks - you can fake this by styling text as a link (underline etc) and putting a hotspot widget over the top of it. This is addressable by other widgets.

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