Not to publish team project on axure cloud

Good morning,

i was used to publish my team projects to axure share, go to axure share and give the prototype a password and just send that link to my clients and they had access just via the password.
Yesterday i wanted to send it out the same way and now its redirected to axure cloud and my users have to produce a login for themselves in axure cloud.
thats really bad for me! i can´t force all my testers to get an account there.
is there a way to get it back the old way, i mean with just a link and a password and without any login-data?

thank you for your reply!

I now found out, that i have to make the link “public” in the new axure cloud world, where i only get to when i click “publish to axure cloud” in my publish menu and click the “make url public” button.
And i recognized a make-it-public button in creating a team project.
Isn´t there a possibility to make the projects public by standard?
I´m sorry, it just gave me a little shock moment in the morning… :slight_smile: