Notes are invisible

What happened to notes , they are not visible on published site ?!

Hello! Hmm, it sounds like you’re not seeing notes show up in the browser when you view your prototype. To confirm, if you go to “Publish > Publish to Axure Share” or “Publish > Generate HTML Files” and click on the “Notes” tab, are your notes selected to generate? If they are but are not showing, then can you confirm whether the issue is only occurring in preview, generated HTML, or Axure Share, and what browser you see it in? If you’re also able to attach the affected file and let us know what build of the beta you’re using (current build is 3623) then that would help as well. Thank you!

The same thing happened to me. Interaction notes aren’t showing up consistently in Published or Preview. The specific one that isn’t showing is on a dynamic panel. Maybe that’s the problem?

Hi abogatch,

Could you post an example .rp file where notes aren’t showing up for you in the generated output? Widget notes should still appear even when inside a dynamic panel, so I’d like to investigate the issue further. Thanks!