Nps slider - how to do it properly?

Hi, I used the main function of somebody, who made a slider here (credit to the random - don’t know the name)

…and made some changes. It’s a dirty approach, because I was just in need of a fast proof of concept.

Now I thought I should just learn how to do it properly and hope you can give me some hints, please


  • the handle gets stuck and you can’t use it anymore. Maybe because I move the handle by hitting the numbers and the calculcations “collide” ? I would like to have both ways to control the slider

  • What’s a better approach to fill the slider for the tresholds 0-10?

  • Should I use the rounded form as a mask above a blue rectangle to fill the rounded corner at “10” (you can see it in the file - as I said: dirty)

Thank you.

dirty_slider.rp (92.0 KB)

You’re certainly heading in a positive direction. There are lots of different ways you can achieve the result you’re looking for and the “best” approach can depend a lot on the specific requirements the situation calls for.

This is the way I chose to go about making it: simple_incremental_slider.rp (117.5 KB)

I used the number widgets to drive most of the logic. The slider is pretty much just there to fire the events set on the numbers.

I don’t need to do anything fancy for the rounded end. I just set a rule to toggle its selected style on-and-off.

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