Number keys resetting selected widget opacity

Hitting any number key while a widget is selected automatically resets the widget’s opacity. Took me awhile to realize why my widgets were randomly and unintentionally fading out. This is on Mac OS 10.13.2.

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Hi jpzrmd,

Those are new shortcuts for widget opacity. 1-9 correspond to 10-90% opacity, and 0 toggles between 0% and 100%. If you’d rather not use them, you can disable single-key shortcuts by going to File > Preferences on Windows or Axure RP 9 Beta > Preferences on Mac and unchecking “Enable Single Key Shortcuts” in the “Canvas” tab. Let us know if you have other thoughts about the shortcuts.


Thank you. Yep disabling single key shortcuts in Preferences > Canvas stopped this behavior.

I’m so used to editing the text of a widget by simply selecting it and beginning to type. I often have to key in numeric text values in this way, which was inadvertently triggering the opacity shift. I think at least having to hold a second key for shortcuts would prevent unintentional actions. Until then I’m keeping the shortcuts disabled.

Appreciate the beta and your response. Lots of great updates.

I’m having the same problem. Although I’m determined to learn the new key shortcuts in hope it will make me more productive some day, right now it is causing more problems.
The Opacity thing is most irritating. Another painful one is the 'Connector" when hitting ‘E’ (I think). Either way, I often have to manually switch from being in Connector mode to Select mode.