Odd pop up in preview/share when setting Global Variable

Hey there,

I have these check boxes setup to set global variables when checked and unchecked. When I put this in the preview it comes up with these other weird boxes when my check boxes are checked or unchecked. No idea where they are coming from?


Those look like empty Case Menus. When you have more than one Case and no “conditional logic” (no “IF” statements) the Case names are shown in a popup menu, allowing user to choose one manually. Look at your interaction code and ensure there are not multiple Cases …or name them …or create some conditions.

If this isn’t the issue, it would help if you uploaded your .rp file so folks can inspect it.

Thanks! No cases on this particular one.

LP_Drive_AxureHelp.rp (1.7 MB)

Hmm… Sure looks like this is a bug. Perhaps your .rp file is corrupt, or maybe just some of the checkbox widgets on this page might be corrupted. Then again, you have like 50 global variables which is twice the recommended number. I doubt that is the issue here though. Nevertheless, the “weird boxes” are definitely empty–or actually, unnamed–Case Menu popups. When you click on one of the affected checkboxes to select it, it gets the :selected styling but its Selected event does not fire. If you then click on the top gray box, the Selected event fires and a global variable value gets set. But if you click on the lower gray box nothing seems to happen–the associated global variable value does not change. Either way, the “weird boxes” get dismissed and disappear after clicking one of them–just like a Case Menu does. Why? Who knows (but Axure Support might be able to know.) It sure behaves like there is a “ghost case” in the Selected event of your checkboxes.

I also notice this issue only appears on some of the checkboxes, not all. The first 5 in the list are fine, but the next 5 are not. Same for your second column of checkboxes as well. Now, in the third column, the “OmniShield AssureTM” checkbox does have an empty case–and it actually shows a Case Menu popup with three unnamed cases.

I recommend sending your .rp file to support@axure.com with a description (just copy your description above.) I’ve found they are really good at identifying and fixing issues like this.

Alternatively, or at least in the meantime, you can try to “rebuild” the affected checkboxes. I deleted the Selected event for the “OmniShield AssureTM” checkbox and recreated it by clicking New Interaction button, setting its global variable to “5” (just as you had it) and it worked fine. Did same for another with same success.