On click actions very slow

I have created a prototype with an accordion triggered by buttons. The reaction the the button click is very slow. About 8 secs! The accordian sections contain a bunch of form elements. I am not having the same issue with actions on other pages in the prototype.

I can’t test it like this. Any idea what could be causing this or how I can correct it? I’ve never seen this before. It is the same in both FF and Chrome.

I am using Team Edition on a Macbook Pro running High Sierra

I’d have to look at your RP file. But you might have script that’s looping preventing the button interaction.

deal creator 2.rp (636.3 KB)

There is the file

So I think your issue is because you grouped all your accordions. When you do this, it makes for a very heavy page and takes a long time to render. So I moved your accordion content into Dynamic Panels it’s speed up the onClick behavior. I changed the Deal Players and Details accordion interactions to test it. You can see what I did in the attached rp file.

deal creator 2-1.rp (673.3 KB)

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Thanks. Yes I discovered the same thing. Using groups to create hidden areas seem to be a major slow down.