On click create different item- not list (new one)

hi, need your help please…
I want that when i click on the “add” button it will create a different item each time
after i drag it on the page and when I click on the button again, it will create another item that I can also drag and not as a list with repeater
please see my test

The only way to create something new in a prototype after the project has been generated is to add it as a row item in a repeater. There’s no other way a prototype can generate a widget that wasn’t already placed when editing the project.

If you can get away with a small, finite number of items, you can add all the widgets ahead of time and hide them. Each time the button is clicked, another widget becomes visible. It’s a pretty limited and brittle method, but it might be enough to at least give an idea of how it’s supposed to work.