On Click interaction not working in Dynamic Panels

I’m building a rather complicated tablet wireframe and I have a lower panel (dynamic) with rectangles in it and an upper panel (also dynamic) with different states and icons etc.

I noticed that when I try to interact by using OnClick nothing happens. when I copy the rectangle/icon from the dynamic panel to the home page and just put it there as a stand-alone it works fine.

anyone else having this problem?

Edit: I crated it as a dynamic panel because as a ground it has no SwipeDown/Up interaction available…

Can you post the file so we can have a look?

Impossible to tell you exactly why without seeing the file. That said I can guess: you have an invisible widget covering it, somewhere.

Can’t give you a file since it’s industry confidential…

No widgets. Only a rectangle for BG at the back and rectangles with text or icons

If you need to keep it confidential you could email Axure support. Otherwise all we can do here is blindly guess.