On Refresh Page (Mobile Phone), there is a thin spacing at the top of the page

I want to ask why is there a thin spacing at the top of the page after refresh? It only disappears when i click on the menu that i created to re-navigate to the same page. It is currently causing the content in the dynamic panel not scrollable.

Could you please post your .rp file here? Very hard to guess what might be the issue otherwise.


I doubt i will be able to share the file as it is quite big. I have a main dynamic panel (not scrollable) that contains all the content for that page. When i refresh the page, there is an approximately 1 pixel spacing at the top of that panel even though it’s position was set to x:0 y:0 (OnPageLoad). i suspect it is because of the position of the main dynamic panel because when i tried onWindowScroll, it redirects to “Page1”(which is the setting i set for testing). Currently, i am not sure how to fix this.

The url i used is the one without the sidebar and open the link on my mobile phone.