OnClick event not firing

Anyone else having trouble with their OnClick event? I’m trying to do a simple “Show panel” on a hot spot but absolutely non recognition. it’s only two levels down so really shouldn’t be a problem but the cursor in preview is suggesting there is no action onclick.

I’ve had this problem before. It seems to be intermittent. Preview problem maybe???


Have you tried using the browser inspect tool to see if there are any elements on top of it? Sometimes various moves/bring to front can cause something to overlay.

Another thing to try is opening the Axure Console (left-hand panel in Axure 8, right-hand in Axure 9) in the browser when viewing the prototype. Click on your widget and see if the OnClick event is registered.

If the OnClick works and your issue is just that the cursor does not change to a “click hand” then perhaps you could rearrange so that your hotspot is above your other “levels” of widgets. Perhaps you could have an OnMouseEnter event for the topmost widget with an action of “Bring MyHotspot to front” and then in the hotspot’s OnClick, finish with “Send This to back”.

Thanks for the suggestions. Will try that

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