OnClick is not working across dynamic panels

I am designing a mobile airline app. This is really small but I feel I could learn a lot. On the booking page, I want it so that:

  1. User taps the field next to “FROM” -->2. A panel requesting to use the device’s current location will appear --> 3. The user taps “Allow” -->4. The booking page will appear with City entered within the field (this is simply a state as AXURE lacks GPS capability.

I cant understand why the Onclick on the Allowv Hotspot will not trigger panel state with the city entered. Here is my prototype.




Hi Theo,
Looks like a very simple interaction in the prototype, but I can’t figure it out just by looking at the published version.
Would you mind sharing your .rp file?

Thank you so much. FLY UX_recovered.rp (8.7 MB)

Hi Theo

That doesn’t seem to be the same file, as in this .rp that you’ve sent, the interactions is working correctly (i’ve published it at https://6620wc.axshare.com for you to take a look)

My guess is that the interaction may not be working due to other interactions associated to the same group of elements or maybe because there is a target missing. You should also review if the elements aren’t accidentally disabled or if the “Allow” button isn’t bellow a transparent element. Double check everything :wink:
Best of luck