OnDrag breaking onClick in sub panel

I have a panel on a page that has another panel inside of it. That inner panel needs to scroll vertically when dragged. That inner panel also has a couple custom checkboxes. When I apply the OnDrag to that inner panel it seems to ‘break’ my custom checkboxes.

When I apply the OnDrag on the inner panel and use a standard checkbox, that checkbox works.

When I just have the standard scrollbars and my custom checkboxes the checkboxes work.

What gives? Attaching file…
drag_click_error.rp (85.1 KB)

Hi JB,
Its working good for me.
Additional information: Os : windows 7 and Chrome.



Were you able to get the project working properly? Was this error specific to a browser or mobile device? It seemed to work OK when testing on an iPad, Android Phone, and various desktop browsers–Chrome, FF, and Safari. Let me know. :slight_smile:


I am viewing it on Chrome on a machine running Windows 7. It started to work properly for me after a while, but then it stopped again recently. It seems to happen when I’ve previewed/generated HTML a bunch of times. I set it to open in FF and it works, though I prefer to use Chrome.

A few thoughts:

  1. One thing I noticed with the .rp file was that it was created in build 3169 of Axure RP version 7. If this error persists, could you try updating to build 3173? You can download that here: Update To Latest Version | Axure.

  2. After updating, give your computer a hard power cycle / reboot and see whether the error still shows up. If it does, please right-click anywhere on the page and click “Inspect Element” from the context menu. Then, click on “Console” and take a screenshot of any red errors, and attach that here.

  3. Further, it sounds like this error could be file-specific–is that correct? If possible, open a new file via “File > New” and let me know whether you’re able to reproduce the error there as well.


Thanks for the suggestions – I will try those out. My prototype has 12+ dynamic panels stacked on top of each other. I’m having do to a lot of bringing to front etc. I just wonder if I’m pushing the envelope a little bit since this particular panel has quite a bit of interactions going on.


Just try to run browser in incognito mode for chrome, it will work. :slight_smile: i.e you need to clear browser cache to make it work.

Similar happened to me

see Onclick with ondrag actions