One Button, Two Fuctions

Hey Guys!

I am pretty sure it’s really simple, but I just can’t understand Conditions.
(Please look at RP file) When I am clicking Test 1 and “Click Here” a List should be show, that’s actually working. But when I select Test 2 and then “Click here” there should be another list showing but it’s not working for me :frowning:
(Same list but with upload buttons)

Or another example is when you select Test 1 - Click “Click here” to show the list, and then swipe from Test 1 to Test 2 the list’s should replace.

I tryed to explain it as best as I can. Could anyone help me and fix that?

ShowList.rp (78.5 KB)

Sorry I found it hard to understand what you were doing with the toggle buttons etc so I recreated the experience (hopefully) following the workflow you are wanting?

RP File:
ShowListVersion1.1.rp (107.5 KB)


Note my version supports keyboard navigation. The tab order is handled by the order the components are on the page outline.