One Team Project file with .. Multiple site maps on Axshare?

Is there an easy way for team members to work in the same RPprj team file
and publish to different Axshare URLs with different site maps?

Currently … we have to reconfig the page generation list every time we publish
because everyone wants to publish a different set of pages to their Axshare URLs


Hi sking,

Yes, you should be able to do the above. When you guys go to publish your local copies of the team project to your individual AxShare accounts, each project will be automatically generated to a new AxShare ID. This will result in each of your local copies have a different AxShare ID for you to keep separate from the others. Once the ID is created, you can keep generating to that ID without interfering with anybody else’s links.

Regarding how to publish with different sitemaps, it sounds like you guys want to be able to only publish certain pages when you’re working individually–is that right? Since you’re using Axure RP Pro, you have the ability to create additional HTML generators via the “Publish” menu. If each of you creates a separate HTML generator (maybe label them with your names) then you can customize how your sitemap will look when you upload to AxShare and the settings won’t affect any of the other generators. Here’s a couple of screenshots that should help you set that up:

Once you’ve created your alternative generators, you should be able to pick which pages will appear in the sitemap and then upload your project to AxShare. You’ll just need to remember to select your non-default generator from the configuration drop-down when you upload your project to AxShare.

Hopefully that helps!

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wow !!

We have used custom generators but not for this…

It looks like each team member can have different default generator
“views” for both Preview and Publish… and we can use the same or
different AxShare links for just the pages we want. . wicked cool !

thanks much !

I’m just wondering if there is a way to use these generators to upload directly to AxShare instead of generating HTML files? My team is going through the same situation as described above, where we want to publish different versions onto AxShare for different purposes. E.g., Publishing a baseline version for our developers where we want to show only some of the pages we’ve gotten approved, but we’re also publishing a live version where we’re constantly making updates and the team uses this live version to review drafts. From what I could figure out so far, the generator only creates HTML files but won’t publish them to AxShare. Is there a way to do this? We are using Axure 8 Pro Team Edition.

Hi Aevitas,

Yep! What Alyssa explained was for generating directly to Axure Share. So after creating your custom HTML generators, each one tailored for its purpose, navigate to publish your project to Axure Share. In the Publish to Axure Share dialog, select the specific HTML generator you wish to publish the project to from the Configuration dropdown:

This will allow you to publish different versions of your project onto Axure Share. Just make sure to double-check the project ID that you are publishing to when switching the HTML generators.

Perfect, that’s exactly what we needed, thanks!