onMouseOut does not work with Dynamic panels?

Hello folks,

This is very naive doubt which I am having. Maybe I am missing out something.
I want to achieve Dribbble shot kinda animation in on of the projects I am working in.

I can bring Save and Like option when I hover my mouse. But, I cannot make it hide with onMouseOut event. Is there any detailed documentation on Axure events?
Here’s my file.
dribble_shot.rp (1.0 MB)

I have 2 pages.

  1. Using onMouseOut on dynamic panel (Tried all conditions. Cursor is not over area of widget and all. Still no luck)
  2. Using onMouseOut on group (Surprisingly able to achieve what I want to)

This is driving me crazy. Can someone explain me why this is happening? Is using onMouseOut on Dynamic Panels wrong?



You could achieve the result on the group because it includes all the widget areas combined as one area. Otherwise, it’ll exclude the other widget areas and treat it as outside area even they are overlapped on the main widget to which the mouseover event is attached.

Also, if you convert the bottom bar(with buttons) into a dynamic panel, and remove the cursor condition on mouseOut, it seems to work. dribble_shot_test.rp (1.4 MB)

Working with groups in Axure not always give the expected result for some strange reason - It could be a BUG. If you check the console, for groups, MouseOut event doesn’t seem to fire after the first time. Whereas it works fine for dynamic panels.

Hey thats fine. I understand that and it is the very reason i went for group and made it work.
What I want to understand is, why is my mouseout not working well with Dynamic Panel.

Is there a Bug onMouseOut?

I guess the problem lies in the target “group”(the one with buttons) you are trying to show/hide. onMouseOut didn’t fire when the target is a group(which i think is a BUG)

If you look at the console gif above, converting the buttons ‘group’ to a ‘dynamic panel’ solved the problem.