OnPageLoad display tool tip only first time

I am not all that good with setting variables and logic for using them, so their may be a simple answer to this.

I have a tool tip that is being displayed for 5 seconds when the page is loaded. After 5 seconds this tool tip is hidden. This is working fine. I now want to set a variable so the page knows that it was displayed and hidden after the page loaded and the next the user clicks to this page, the tool tip will not be displayed when the page loads.

I’m thinking I would need to create a local variable when the page loads and store it somewhere, so that the next time the page is loaded I would check for this variable and if the state of the variable checks out to be true don’t fire the OnPageLoad event. I’m not sure if this logic is sound nor do I know how to go about creating it in the variables section. Any help would be much appreciated.


You would create a global variable with some default value like “false”. Then on your OnPageLoad case you’ll need to add a condition.

If value of variable equals “false”

Then on the button they use to dismiss the pop-up add additional action that sets the value of the variable to “true” so that the next time the page is loaded the condition will be false and the pop-up will not show.

Thanks for the information here. I think I am clear on how to do this but I have another question. Since the tool tip I created displays OnPageLoad and then simply hides after 5 seconds (without any user interaction), how do I set the value of that tool tip to true?


Oh, missed that. Just add the action that sets the variable value after the hide action you use.

Thank you. That worked out. Appreciate the help here.